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Apple has announced that the launch of the iPhone OS 3.0 will be on June 17th, just 2 days earlier than the release of the new iPhone 3G S. The upgrade will be completely free of charge to iPhone users but will cost iPod Touch users $9.95. Apple has also announced improvements to their MobileMe service will new features including Find My iPhone, iDisk, Remote Wipe and File Sharing.

Find My iPhone helps you locate your lost iPhone by letting you view a map that shows the approximate location of your iPhone. It can play a sound to help you locate it if its nearby and even display a message on the home screen if someone has it.

iDisk is an app that will be available in the App Store free of charge. It will allow users to view files on their iDisk right on their iPhone. The app lets you view Microsoft Office or iWork ’09 documents, PDFs, video files, and many more in portrait and even landscape.

Remote Wipe is a helpful tool which can help protect your private information from strangers. If you lose your iPhone and it happens to contain information you don't want strangers to know, you can easily initiate a remote wipe which will restore your iPhone to it's default settings.

You can easily share you files with iDisk, simply by choosing your recipients and the files. iDisk will then automatically send an email to all the chosen recipients with a link to download your files.



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