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AT&T to Delay MMS and Tethering!

Posted by Yenova | Tuesday, June 09, 2009 | | 0 comments »

A report from The Boy Genius Report has revealed that AT&T will be delaying the new features, MMS and Tethering for the iPhone 3G S. The reason behind the delay is because the current iPhone customers' accounts have to be manually enabled to support MMS.

According to the report, AT&T is still working on Tethering and it may even come in a $70/month with Unlimited Data and Tethering plan.

Meanwhile, The iPhone Blog has posted an article with what could be a reply to a message from an AT&T Executive concerning the new iPhone with MMS and Tethering:

Regarding MMS:

We absolutely will offer MMS on iPhone 3G S in late summer once we complete some system upgrades that will ensure our customers have the best experience with MMS. These upgrades are unrelated to our 3G network. When MMS is ready, we will let customers know.

Regarding offering a tethering plan:

We plan to offer one but we don’t have an announcement to make at this time.

Joe Chandler
Executive Director
AT&T Corporate Communications


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