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Toki Tori Released!

Posted by Yenova | Sunday, May 24, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Toki Tori is a highly entertaining puzzle platformer like nothing you have seen before. Push your brain to the limit as you guide Toki Tori through 80 challenging levels spread over 4 mysterious worlds - collecting eggs as you go.

You are armed with an arsenal of different items and weapons including the infamous Telewarp, InstantRock™ and Slug Sucker! Combine these to solve each ingenious level - some easy, some brain-bendingly difficult! Toki Tori pushes the capabilities of your iPhone/iPod Touch with sumptuous graphics and oodles of puzzle polish.


  • Tailor-made multi-touch control scheme.
  • Some of the best graphics you will see on iPhone.
  • A wide variety of items and weapons introduced gradually during the game.
  • 80 levels spread over 4 large worlds.
  • Dozens of hours of gameplay.
  • For all ages - accessible and hard levels available.
  • Catchy music and sound effects.
App Store Link: Toki Tori

(via iTunes)



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