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Next Generation iPod Touch to Come Soon?

Posted by Yenova | Thursday, June 25, 2009 | | 0 comments »

A recent post by a member of iPod Touch Fans has reported that they have found evidence referencing to the possible next generation iPod Touch model, "iPod3,1". The current iPod Touch is named "iPod2,1", so the references to the "iPod3,1" model is most likely the next generation iPod Touch. Since the first and second generation iPod Touch were released in September, this next generation iPod Touch to be released in September is a reasonable guess.

This new model is expected to have the same specs as the iPhone 3G S and will most likely come in the same three storage capacities as the previous generations. Some rumors we heard of have stated that this new model may even come with a camera that can record videos. Time will tell if this is true, so just sit back and relax.



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