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iPhone 3G S to have MMS for No Extra Cost from AT&T!

Posted by Yenova | Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | | 0 comments »

One question many people have been asking after knowing that the new iPhone 3G S will have MMS is: Will AT&T will be charging an extra fee for MMS? Well, according to the new AT&T Customer FAQ, the answer is no.

Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make multimedia messaging (MMS) available at no extra cost to customers with a text messaging bundle.
This brings another question to the table. When is it exactly going to be released? The FAQ states that it will be available later this summer, but that could mean anytime at all. This leaves another question unanswered and for all of us to just wait patiently.



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