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iPhone 3G S Sales on Launch to Exceed iPhone 3G?

Posted by Yenova | Sunday, June 21, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Despite the fact that the lines outside the stores are shorter than the iPhone 3G launch, the early sales numbers are indicating that the iPhone 3G S could exceed the sales of the iPhone 3G launch. This year, Apple and AT&T are allowing pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S which resulted in the shorter lines. Last year, Apple managed to sell up to 1 million iPhone 3G handsets on the launch weekend, but a UK Mobile Carrier called O2 has revealed that by lunchtime, they have sold more iPhone 3G S handsets than they did with the iPhone 3G for the entire day of launch. They are expecting to see 50% more sales than last year's iPhone 3G launch by the end of the day.



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