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Apple to Include Sharing Apps in OS 3.0?

Posted by Yenova | Thursday, June 04, 2009 | | 0 comments »

A report from BusinessWeek has stated that Apple will be including a feature that will allow users to share apps in the 3.0 OS. Sharing apps would obviously be over Wi-Fi and this feature is most likely added to compete with Microsoft's Zune. However, Apple would have to activate this feature before users will be able to access it.

Apple's new iPhone 3.0 software includes features that, if activated by Apple, may let users share software with one another, according to a person familiar with the technology. Eventually, iPhone users may even get a commission when they've induced someone else to make a purchase, says Richard Doherty, director at consultant Envisioneering Group. Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock wouldn't discuss features that might be available in the future, saying only, "We've made no announcements at this time."
Apple may even be using the "peer-to-peer connectivity" to allow users to send invitations to nearby users to download applications.
One example of P2P connectivity will be available in the new iPhone 3.0 software, due this summer. Users will be able to play multiplayer games with one another using Bluetooth connectivity, rather than needing to be on a carrier's network. A player's phone will automatically detect nearby iPhones and iPod touches that run the same app and send them an invitation to join the game. Initially, the feature will work only when both parties already have a particular app. "Now you can sell copies of your app to two players instead of one," says Dave Howell, a former Apple engineer who now runs peer-to-peer file-sharing apps maker Avatron Software. In the future, a player may be able to invite another to a game when the second person does not yet own a particular app. Such invitations could trigger additional purchases.


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