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Apple to Implement Media Sharing During Phone Calls?

Posted by Yenova | Friday, June 05, 2009 | | 0 comments »

AppleInsider has recently wrote an article stating that Apple may be implementing media sharing that will work during phone calls. The article gives an example of how this may work:

For example, the user may initiate a telephone call with his friend in order to ask the friend if she is familiar with a particular song,” Apple said. “Once the phone call has been established between the user and his friend, the user may select the song of interest from his communications device, and he may send the song to his friend over the same communication path used by the communications device to establish the communications operation, so that the two may continue their phone conversation while the song plays simultaneously.
Users will be able to sends not only music, but also videos, photos, voice mails and podcasts.



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