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Square Enix's Vanguard Storm Released!

Posted by Yenova | Saturday, May 16, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Vanguard Storm is the newest addition to the Crystal Defenders series of "defensive simulation" games.

Players must strategically position unites within various formations in order to prevent encroaching monster hordes from breaking through the front linesand stealing the army's crystals.

Vanguard Storm employs real-time turn system. Reading the battlefield and determining optimal locations for each allied unit before the turn counter is spent is crucial for victory.

As with Crystal Defenders, Vanguard Storm also features jobs from the popular Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Each Job possesses a variety of different traits. Whether engaging in a concentrated attack or a gradual widespread assault, players must constantly adjust battle formations in order to best take advantage of their units' abilities.

In addition to jobs geared towards offensive maneuvers, there are also jobs which support or enhance other units. White Mages can restore an injured ally's HP, while Bishops can increase a nearby unit's attack power.

Finally, the monsters of Vanguard Storm come in all different shapes and sizes. Some tread upon the ground, while others attack from the skies. Some even have resistances to certain types of attacks. One important strategy is to recognize these traits and then adjust battle formations accordingly; pitting melee-oriented jobs such as Soldiers again monsters who resist magic, or Archers against aerial enemies.


  • 8 different character classes!
  • Each character class has different attributes and abilities!
  • Fun and strategic gameplay.
  • Real-time and turn-based combat!
  • Large variety of different monsters.
  • Hours of gameplay!
App Store Link: Vanguard Storm

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