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Next Generation iPhone to have Six Different Models!

Posted by Yenova | Thursday, May 28, 2009 | | 0 comments »

iLounge has reported that they have heard some rumors about the models of the next generation iPhone. They said that the next generation iPhone will be available in two different storage capacities, which we believe could be the 16GB and 32GB or 8GB and 32GB. These storage capacities will come in 3 different models depending on your local mobile carrier.

These models have been described as "3G", "Enhanced 3G" and "Mainland China Versions". Obviously, the "Mainland China Versions" will only be available to customers in China, while the other models will be available to customers from other countries. The case is believed to have the same design as the current model but as an addition, it will have a less scratchable matte plastic body.



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