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AT&T executive, Ralph de la Vega, has confirmed that the company has been considering charging less for the iPhone rate plans. Ralph de la Vega says that:

“Right now we continue to study what is the best thing that is available, not just from an iPhone point of view, but what you can do to stimulate additional demand,”

“Our business is to sell services,” he said, adding that AT&T doesn’t make money from the sale of devices like the iPhone, which it subsidizes heavily

“We view Apple as a strategic partner for us, a very good partner to have now and into the future”

This cheaper rate plan would come with a limit on the amount of data that can be transferred.
The executive said it would be costly for AT&T to cut the price of its unlimited Web surfing service. The minimum plan for iPhone users is $70 a month, which includes unlimited Web surfing and a certain amount of voice calls.


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